Open Doors

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About the book. This isn’t exactly a love story though James DuBois a/k/a Jimmy is sincerely smitten with a beautiful, young, actress, named Clark Green. He enjoys their precious time together spent predominantly groping and fondling her while she sleeps, not to mention his routine intimidation of all her other boyfriends. He hates witnessing weaknesses in others and considers it his manifested destiny to push them around sending them scattering. Not to mention, watching them cower under his massive size and powerful prowess. Jimmy is basically a happy go lucky guy with just one tiny, little problem. Clark doesn’t even know he’s alive. That’s mainly because he isn’t. The New York City Police Department is on a man hunt for his killer. The case will be tied up in the legal system for several years while they fumble through a host of false leads, and tiresome witnesses all the while delving into the embarrassment called Jimmy’s life. Meanwhile, Jimmy’s come to terms with his current state of affairs by visiting old friends trying to persuade them to accompany him. Clark’s his latest preoccupation. The question is; will his unholy love eventually kill her before he sees the light?



The book is based on a true story.

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