Knuckle Up Hands or the Knife by Othir Brister


Emerging from the deep, dark, and impoverished streets of South Queens, New York, Othir Brister escaped violence, drugs, and pervasive gang activity, only to become engulfed in a prison’s hostile underground world. He learned that if a person can not change his physical imprisonment by changing his mental enslavement, he will be forever enslaved. But if he changes his mental confinement then he is in fact free of incarceration.




About the Author Othir Brister, Jr. was born on the 1st day of August 1960 in Sunflower Mississippi; a state known for its hickory, oak woods, grain, super fertile soil, yielding soy beans, sweet potatoes, and other crops. He was born to achievers Othir and Joann Brister who worked endless hours in cotton fields to ensure their children a better way of life. His parents set their eyes on moving to New York City; soon settling in the Big Apple with their three children. His mom opened up a Beauty Salon, and his pop became a Chef; a job he loved so dearly. Upon saving for a few years, they eventually brought a house in Queens, New York where the family expanded to three boys and two girls. There they all remained until the children began raising their own families. His Pop’s heart gave out on him in July of 2018, which they all felt the effects of. So now, everyone stays close to mom making sure she’s alright. They say that a child’s earlier years are their formative years. During Othir’s earlier years he found that to be true. He watched his mom come from work while his pop headed out to work. So, he learned what work was about. His first job was that of a paper boy. It was an easy job; riding a bike, and throwing papers in yards, occasionally being chased by the neighbor’s dogs-so much fun. The job ended when his mom found out that he was being ripped off by the owner. That was just the beginning of many jobs to come, and he had his share. There were many sports that he was involved in, but basketball was his favorite. Basketball, friends, and the park was his life, along with the night lights. He only went home for one thing – to eat. The streets became his second home, so much that his family often went looking for him. But, with all the good times, came the bad times. Before he could graduate from public school, a close friend was stabbed repeatedly in front of him during the graduation ceremony. Then, another was shot dead by a gang member. This left a scar! In his high school days, he learned what team sports were about. He joined the track team with a number of guys from the neighborhood. His speed increased earning him numerous awards: becoming fifth in the New York State Pentathlon, a Track Scholarship, and for the school a new recreational weight room. So, he set his sights on college. SUNY Farmingdale University was the number one track school at that time. The scholarship made it easy for him to get in. This college would set the blue print to the latter stages of his life. He would meet lifelong friends, and his wonderful soul mate, who he’d marry and have three children with. Inevitably, as a SUNY College, the two years were soon over. He later enrolled in Wagner College, then John Jay College and took special courses with Penn Foster College. He was introduced to a correctional environment as a summer job, while he was in college. Othir became a correctional counselor at Riker’s Island Facility. After leaving college, he sought jobs in the correctional field.

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