Typing vs. Writing – Which is Better?

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Typing vs. Writing – Which is Better? To Type or Write Long-hand – that is the question when starting one’s novel.  Ultimately, it’s author’s choice and which ever feels the most comfortable.  It is such a personal choice that each have merit.  Some like the flow of the pen ink as it glides along a blank page.  While others prefer tapping away on their lap tops for hours on end.

At Blackcurrant, when typing prose, poetry, novels, short-stories, lyrics, etc. a computer – WINS!   Also, there is a mighty good reason to type when one writes!  When typing one page per day as author of a book, by year’s end, will be 365 pages complete.  This way an editor can receive the work in less than a two minute e-mail and start refining one’s work into a masterpiece.  A writer can quickly become a published author!

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Now, if you prefer writing your pages out in long-hand, eventually those pages will have to be typed because most editors and publishers require it to be so.  Depending on how fast you type or how much money you have to pay someone else to type for you, will determine how long it will take to get your pages out to your editor.  At Blackcurrant, we’ve had many writers in this situation, and some of them weren’t typist and had very little money to hire one.



I wrote my first novel, Smart, Sexy, Spiritual, Strong  in long-hand.  I feel as if I’m still writing it because I had so many re-writes to do prior to publication.  It took me five years to finish this novel because I couldn’t make changes easily.  My advice, don’t waste time – type!

USING PAPER?  Save the Planet Along the Way

I use my scrap paper on both sides.  I simply pick it up off the floor (chuckle…chuckle) and put it into my printer face down.  This accomplishes three things:

1) If it is face down, I don’t have to look at the horrible draft I’ve just finished

2) I’m saving the planet, and

3) I’m saving up in case this whole writing thing doesn’t pay off!! (chuckle…chuckle)           

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” —Thomas Jefferson

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